Add Text

Are you trying to add text but:

- You are not using our Office Edition 4 software.

- Nothing happens when you type or the cursor does not appear?

- Wrong letters or symbols appear or blank spaces appear where letters should be?

- "Error Messages" appear advising you to change the font type?


The ability to add text to an existing PDF document is only available in our Office Edition 4 software.

Note: Please see our Product Comparison Chart for the differences between our software packages.

Product Comparison


Follow the steps below to insert text.

Note: Editing may be restricted for documents enabled with security permissions, scanned files, text that is part of an image, or text characters not included in the English language. Please export a scanned document to a different format to allow editing.

Insert and Delete Text Font


Follow the steps below to resolve the issue of incorrect characters, blank spaces or errors appearing.

Note: This can happen when non-standard fonts are used in a PDF document.

Modify Text Font

Tip: Recommended fonts are listed at the top of the font list and begin with PDF.


If this does not resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket detailing your experience.

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