Activate or Re-Activate software

Are you trying to:

- Activate your software for the first time?

- Re-activate the software after deactivating?

Follow the steps below to activate your software

Note Please remember to close all programs (including Outlook) before you activate our software

  1. Open your PDF Complete Application from the Start Menu.
  2. From the menu bar, select Help and choose Activate.

    Note: If the option to Activate is grayed out, it means that the software has already been activated.

  3. Continue through the Activation Wizard to activate the software.

    Tip: Unsure of what your Serial Number is? You can view it on our website ( under My Account and choose Downloads.
    Scroll to My Downloads and the Serial Numbers for your software are listed in the right-hand column.

  4. Click Done when the wizard has completed to return to the viewer.

If you receive any error while activating the software, please take a screenshot of the error and include it in your support ticket.

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