Install, Re-install, or Move software

Are you trying to:

- Install your software for the first time?

- Re-install the software after updating your operating system?
(Uninstall the software before following the directions below)

- Move the software from one machine to another?
(Uninstall the software before following the directions below)


Follow the steps below to install the latest version of your software.

Note: Please remember to close all programs before you install OR uninstall our software.

  1. On our website ( in the top right corner of the page click Log-in.
  2. Enter the email address and password that you registered with.
    Note: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
  3. On the gray bar, select My Account and choose Downloads.
  4. Click the Download button next to the version of our software that you want to install.
  5. Click RUN to start the installation on your machine.
  6. Walk through the installation wizard and verify that the option to Automatically Activate is checked.
  7. Click Done when the installation has completed successfully.

If you receive any error while downloading or installing the software, please take a screenshot of the error and include it in your support ticket.

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