What is a PDF Document?

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What is a PDF Document

“PDF” stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF file captures the description of the content and appearance of a document in a static format. This format allows users to view, share, and print the document, even if they lack the original software and system used to create the document. Converting documents to PDF (Portable Document Format) allows other users to view your documents exactly as you specify. The page content and layout stays the same.


Benefits of a PDF Document

PDFs have become the global standard for capturing and viewing rich information. PDF documents created by different applications can be shared with virtually anyone with a PDF viewer, regardless of operating system or applications installed.

Example: if you create a document in Microsoft Word on your PC, and need to share that document with someone who does not have Microsoft Word installed on their computer. You can save your document as a PDF (“print to PDF”) and send it to them. They will be able to view the document the same way you did using a PDF Viewer.

PDFs also allow you to control the content and usage of your shared documents. PDF documents provide a snapshot of the current version of your document and PDF Complete security features allow you to restrict the viewing, printing, and modification of your documents by viewers.

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